Our Favourite Christmas Highlights

We really adore it when this special time of year comes around - the chance for plenty of hands on Christmas creativity to infuse into our homes.  Being the design team, we love the opportunity to go all out on decor at Christmas time and with an abundance of festive and timeless ideas, we want to lovingly share our favourite design highlights with you this season. 

Ho ho ho.


The Festive Chic Christmas

Laura, Interior Designer


Favourite colours at Christmas

Whites, fresh greens and a sprinkle of snowy silver 

I lean toward a cosy but sophisticated style, with a plethora of fresh snowy whites, topped with pops of glorious natural greens. I like decorations to look delicate and harmonious throughout the home - for me, it's all about keeping things calm; sometimes, simplicity is best. Using evergreen branches, pine cones and long twigs in displays is always a must at the centre of fireplace and table displays, but I do love a little touch of festive glamour,  so I always mix in plenty of sparkle and shimmering glass pieces to draw out the real magic of Christmas. My favourite room to decorate is always the dining room, where families gather for the most memorable meal of the year - this space has to be special.  A luxurious horizontal wreath should be the wondrous centre piece here, suspended from the ceiling with white ribbons, with chic white and cream candles dotted around it, setting the heart of the home aglow.

Favourite Christmas decorations shop

Fortnum & Mason Christmas store at Somerset House - beautiful things! Although it can be a little pricey, so the John Lewis option never disappoints. The Crafty Fox Market is also good for Londoners.

Laura’s top tips for Christmas decorating

If you have time, start with plainer more simple items that you can spruce up exactly how you wish. Empty glass baubles are a fun option - look for classic evergreen foliage and white berries and pop inside. Go foraging in the woods for twigs, long lasting leaves, or pop to your local florist and see what autumnal sprigs they have to offer. 

Make your fireplace glisten! Group lots of glass lanterns of varying heights around the bottom of the fireplace. Fill some with candles and some with a mix of silver, white and transparent baubles then add in some narrow necked vases to the mix, filled with long twigs and laced with dangling icicle decorations, for extra sparkling effect. 

Always use a fresh tree if you can. If not a fake one will most certainly suffice, but make sure you buy some pine or woody scent candles (we love the ones from Muji) to further delight the festive senses. Hang baubles on very long luxury ribbon for more grandeur on the tree . A very tiny amount of angel hair weaved throughout the branches can also look rather pretty. 

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A Nordic Christmas

Siri, Interior Designer


Favourite colours at Christmas

White, Green, Silver & Gold with a dash of red. 

The Nordic Christmas style feels like home - It's simple, calm and effortless. I love how this style incorporates elements of nature –  not just the traditional Norwegian Spruce, but also by using branches, twigs and fragments of wood when decorating the tables, windows, chandeliers and even when wrapping the presents. 

Favourite Christmas decorations shop

If you are in the city I wouldn’t miss out on all the lovely arts & craft markets that pop up around Christmas – you can buy some really unique and special gifts & decor whilst supporting independent shops and makers (yay!). My personal favourite is Renegade Craft Fair. Trouva’s online store also has some really cute Christmas accessories suited to whatever style you are going for. 

Siri’s top tips for Christmas decorating

Bring nature into your home – also in the smaller decorations. Try crafting your own minimal wreath using twigs, mixed branches, leafs or whatever you find outside. Make it personal! This could be a lovely activity for the whole family to do together. 

Try something different when you wrap your presents this year - keep it simple and sweet using small spruce branches with hessian string and soft linen fabrics as opposed to wrapping paper. Get creative! 

Give your Christmas tree stand a revamp this year, using a concrete ceramic pot or a wicker basket. 

Hang your cutest gingerbread creations up in the windows or leave them hanging over the dining table as decoration. 

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A Timeless Christmas

Georgina, Project Manager 


Favourite colours at Christmas

Red, Gold & Green 

Decorating the home with classic colours such as red, gold and green represents a timeless and traditional Christmas for me. I would deck the bannisters, entrances and fireplaces by draping foliage with red ribbon and white warm lights throughout the home, create a centre piece for the table with left over sprigs from the tree along with red berries and candles. I love walking into the house after a frosty winter walk to the smell of pine and curling up on the sofa with a blanket next to a roaring fire with a classic film on. 

Favourite Christmas decorations shop

During the festive period I usually go to Wisely Gardens, a National Trust gem. I could spend hours in their homeware shop! They sell beautifully crafted natural decorations. 

Georgina’s top tips for Christmas decorating

Grab some pinecones from the outdoors and spray paint these gold. Use the pinecones to cover the base of your tree to give it a luxurious but rustic and homely feel. 

Collect a range of decorations for the tree - be playful and make it personal. Buy Christmas ornaments in different shapes and sizes, place some further into the tree to add depth and make it bold and beautiful. 

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A Starry Christmas

Jade, Buying & Warehouse Coordinator 


Favourite colours at Christmas

Forest greens, fresh whites & a bit of monochrome

A Christmas isn’t quite complete without a star is it? They seem to be one of the many charms that Christmas brings. As a creative it only seems right to get stuck in and create pieces for around the house myself. I love how this particular aesthetic helps to create that homemade feel but at a modern, minimalist, unique level. Get creative and make paper lanterns to hang around your house to give it that extra magical touch - you can even add in fairy lights to twinkle through to make it sparkle that little bit more. Hanging lanterns over your family decorated dining table can give eating Christmas dinner that extra special feel. 

Favourite Christmas decorations shop

The White Company - a minimalist store but however creates that luxurious sparkle that you need around christmas to add to your decorations. They offer unique, simple decorations with that heartwarming & cosy aesthetic you crave at Christmas. 

Jade’s top tips for Christmas decorating

Nothing gets you into Christmas more than a Christmas playlist - Stick on your favourite Christmas playlist track whilst decorating the house and have a sing along.

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Let the festive season begin! 



Siri Thomassen